Good addresses

Some partners around

For you, we have listed a set of good addresses, where you can dine alone, have fun with friends or have fun with family.

- The Calanques snack (fast food)

- La stazione (Italian restaurant)

- Villa madie (gourmet restaurant **)

- The old inn (Provencal cuisine)

- Ô'REV (bistronomic restaurant)

- Grand Garge private beach


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La Dona Tigana vineyard

It is one of the oldest wine-growing places in France, the first written traces of which appeared in the 12th century. The Estate was born in 1998 by the will of Jean Tigana, international footballer with prestigious awards.

Having sold his wine estate in Bordeaux, but still passionate about wine, he found his place among the producers of the oldest APPELLATION D'ORIGINE CONTÔLÉE in France since the Decree classifying Cassis wines as AOC dates from 1936.

On 14 hectares of vines and with the utmost respect for its history La Dona Tigana produces white and rosé AOC Cassis wines,